Thursday, April 06, 2006

All over again

It is high time to start all over again. Not to look in the past. Just presence and future. Although don't want to look in the presence either...
I leant something very important recently. Rely only on God. God and just God. We have sort of deal with Almighty. I will read the Bible everyday and do some more good thinks that christians should do and He'll look after me and stuff. I know, it is difficoult to aks Him for earthly things but when you can't ask anybody else there's no competition.
Just don't let these things ruin relationship with your partner. Gush guys, how many times you argued with her/him for no other reason than money? Bills? Lack of nappies? Give yourselves a break. But what to do with this eager anger? Huh? Can I shout at walls? Can I kick a fence? Can I listen to music so loud that I won't hear my thoughts?
No, I don;t want to sound sad or what's warse desperate. I am not. I simply don't know anything anymore but to trust Him. And please somebody smuk me in my face so I wake up and stop being such a drama queen.